*Schedule Change – Please Read*


In order to better serve our clients we have decided to make a few schedule changes. Our goal is to consistently serve our clients better and we do that in several ways. In the case of scheduling, we take the feedback from our clients, our coaches and our own observations to make adjustments.

Schedule Changes

**This week only, the 615pm class on Tuesday and Thursday will be an open gym format instead of instructor led. There will be a coach there but it will not be a normal instructor led class during those times. All athletes are free to come and do their own workout or the Workout of the Day during that time.

Beginning May 2:
Monday 1130am class is added
Tuesday and Wednesday 615pm classes are cancelled

All other classes remain unchanged.
We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause any of you. If you feel that this doesn’t serve you better, please let us know and we will consider making changes to our schedule again in the future.

As always, we appreciate your continued support of CrossFit Moontown. We are extremely proud of the opportunity to serve this community.

Saturday, April 30

Partner WOD

Form Teams of 2 and complete the following:
Partner 1 Runs 400m while Partner 2 does an AMRAP of Burpee Box Jumps
When Partner 1 returns then they switch
After both have completed the run, the team must complete
50 Goblet Squats @ 1.5/1pood
60 KBS @ 1.5/1pood
70 Push Press @ 95/65lbs
80 Pullups
90 Pushups
100 Air Squats
1000m Row
*Only 1 partner can work at a time
**Score is total time to complete entire workout minus the burpee box jumps accumulated (each rep is worth :05 seconds)

Thursday, April 28

*Don’t forget that 615pm class today is Open Gym. There will be a coach on hand but not an instructor led class.


5 cycles of:
2 Push Press
2 Push Jerk
3 Split Jerk
*Done as a complex. Increase weight each set


“The Pyramid”
1 Rope Climb
2 Walking Lunges w/Bar in Front Rack @ 165/105
3 Bar MU’s
4 WL
5 Bar MU’s
6 WL
8 WL
10 WL
and back down the other side

Tuesday, April 26


Hang Snatch Complex – High, Mid, Low Hang Snatch
*If progressing through multiple successful lifts, then move to full snatch for a few sets


“SQT” – 3 rounds of:
10 Ground-to-Overhead, 95/65lbs
200yd Shuttle Sprint (50yds down and back twice)