Moontown Work Day, July 11th!



Moontown is in need of a few small construction improvements, a lobby makeover and a nice deep clean.

We will start working after class Saturday morning (around 10am). Here’s the list of things we’ll be doing:

  • Setting up new furniture
  • Screwing wood pieces onto the lobby wall, then staining
  • Removing a section of the wall the lockers are currently against
  • Putting CFMT pics in frames
  • Deep cleaning (kids room, cobwebs, the stuff we don’t normally get scrubbed down)

If you’ve got a little time, we can use your help (and tools).  Reply to this post with what you might be willing to help us do. Thanks everyone!

Guys Night Friday, July 17

I’ve heard from several people that it’s time for another guys night at Moontown. Since we had such a great time last year, we’re going to have a poker night next Friday.

We’re going to setup a table or two in the lobby and play Texas hold ’em. We’ll get the game started around 645pm. This will be a friendly cash game with a $10 buy-in (with re-buys allowed). Since it’s a friendly game, you are free to buy-in/cash-out whenever you need. We will provide snacks but if you think you might get thirsty, you should bring your own beverage.

Since we have a limited number of chairs at the gym, you may want to bring your own chair. If anyone has a nice poker table or tabletop, this would be the perfect time to show it off. Otherwise, we’re using plastic tables from Costco. I have three sets of poker chips and two decks of nice playing cards, so I think we should have enough for everyone.

This is open to all the guys at Moontown. Even if you’re not a poker player, you can still come and hang out. See you guys next Friday!

Monday, July 6



3 sets of:
10-15 Strict Pullups
Front Squat 5-3-1+ @ 75-85-95%


E3MOM for 18 minutes:
3 Clean & Jerk, use 50-90% of 1RM

*Drop the bar between reps and reset immediately

Saturday, July 4


“Holleyman” – 30 rounds of:
5 Wall-Ball Shots, 20/14lbs
3 Handstand Pushups
1 Power Clean, 225/155lbs

*This will be done as a partner workout. Both partners will complete 30 rounds each, alternating rounds.

Thursday, July 2



Muscle Up Transitions
Front Rack Mobility

100 Front Squat, 95/65lbs
75 Sumo Deadlift High Pull, 95/65lbs
50 Walking Lunges with bar in Front Rack, 95/65lbs
25 Muscle Ups
1000m Row (*Done as Buy-in or Cash-out)
*Partition the reps as needed, except for the Row

Holiday Hours at CFMT

Friday, July 3rd: We will have only 2 classes on Fri at 530am and 4pm. Both of those will be regular CrossFit classes so no open gym. Sorry :(

Saturday, July 4th: We will have one class at our regularly scheduled time on Sat, 830am.

For those who will be travelling this weekend, we hope you have a safe trip. And we hope everyone has a great 4th of July!

Wednesday, July 1



Back Squat 5-5-5-5 @ 40-50-55-60%


EMOM for 15 minutes:
1st Min – 50yd Farmer’s Carry, 95/65lbs (each arm)
2nd Min – 10 Ring Dips
3rd Min – 40 Double Unders
*Repeat the 3 minute cycle until time expires