Monday, April 20


Good Luck to Moontown’s first ever athlete, Ben, he starts flight school this week!


6 cycles of:
1 Push Press
3 Push Jerk


EMOM for 20 minutes:
1st Min – 25yd Suicide Sprint
2nd Min – 6 Snatch, 95/65lbs
3rd Min – 9 Toes-to-Bar
4th Min – 12 Shoulder-to-Overhead, 95/65lbs

*Repeat the cycle until time expires

Sunday, April 19


From now on, we will keep an “open post” on Sundays. This is for any coaches who may be going to the gym today. We do not have any scheduled class times on Sundays. However, if a coach decides to go up to the gym, then they will post a comment on here and any of our athletes are welcome to join. Treat this time as open gym and use it to work on weaknesses or get in a workout on your own.

Saturday, April 18



“Fight Gone Twice as Bad” – 3 rounds
2 minute AMRAP of: Wall-Ball Shots, 20/14lbs
2 minute AMRAP of: Sumo DL High Pulls, 75/55lbs
2 minute AMRAP of: Box Jumps, 24/20″
2 minute AMRAP of: Push Press, 75/55lbs
2 minute AMRAP of: Calorie Row
2 minutes of Rest

*Partners will work through each round splitting reps at each station as necessary. When the clock beeps, you will rotate to the next station until all 3 rounds are completed. Score is total number of reps completed.

New Way to Order Mason Dixon Paleo Prepared Meals! Today is the Deadline for Next Week!


There’s a new, easier way to submit your meal order! Fill out the spreadsheet here:

and it gets straight to Taylor and Ashley. Deadline for Next week is today, if you have any trouble filling it out, email your order to me at and I’ll fill it out for you!