*CFMT Open Team Update – Week 5*

After 5 weeks of announcements, anxious Fridays at work, boring workout explanations, exciting head-to-head matchups, Friday nights under the lights, broken lights, new lights, Kirkland’s Lights, Mastercards, Visas, dinners at Buena Vistas, Janet (pronounced yahnay), partays, chest to bar pullups, huggies pullups, overhead squats, overhead dots, muscle-ups, hustle-ups, jump ropes, high hopes, rowers, snow-blowers, pre-workout, recovery, red-lines, flat-lines, clocks, jocks, barbells, bar smells, bumpers, jumpers, no reps, bro reps, pee-yoos and re-do’s, the Open has come to an end. As many of you have already said, this year’s Open Competition has been a blast! A very big thanks to Megan for coming up with the idea to split into 2 teams and have our own competition. Because of that idea and the response from those who signed up, this competition has been very successful. As for which team had more success…

Quick Recap: In Week 1, Team-D won by 7 points (162 to 155) combined on Workouts 15.1 and 15.1a. Then The A-Team won consecutive weeks by a total of 8 points (83 to 77 on Workout 15.2 and 71 to 69 on Workout 15.3). Team-D responded by winning 15.4 by 4 points (73 to 69).

This week’s Results: It came down to Week 5 of our first in-house competition. Both teams needed a strong showing to finish on top. With rowing, thrusters and no time-cap this week proved to be difficult for everyone. All the score sheets have been turned in and the points have been totaled. The winner of the 2015 CFMT Open Team Competition is….The A-Team!!! It was a close victory for The A-Team, winning by only 2 points (75 to 73). Great showing by both teams. Everyone worked hard to earn a win for their team.

Quick Breakdown: The A-Team had 6 top finishers, while Team-D had 4. The A-Team’s athletes Mo and Chelsey took first place in the Rx’d division, while the Spirit Award went to Team-D’s Colin Sargeant (well-deserved).

The A-Team has won the trophy, a group picture to be displayed in the gym, and bragging rights for a year! The trophy will be delivered some time in the next few weeks and everyone’s name from The A-Team will be put on the trophy.

Everyone competed hard and made this whole competition worth all of the work. Thanks guys!

Wednesday, April 1



“Linda” aka “3 Bars of Death” – 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 reps of:
Deadlift, 1.5 x Bodyweight
Bench Press, Bodyweight
Clean, 0.75 x Bodyweight


“Maggie” – 5 rounds of:
20 Handstand Pushups
40 Pullups
60 Pistols (alternating legs)

New Kids Protocol!


If you guys haven’t noticed… there’s been a baby-splosion at CFMT. We have so many nuggets running around, I’m afraid they are going to start outnumbering us and taking over!

Most of the time, there’s a few kids around at each class, which is manageable, and they keep to themselves and do their own thing. Sometimes, all the kids in Huntsville come at the same time and its a complete disaster. My biggest fear is that one of these little nuggets will get hurt, so lets do what we can do to keep them safe and to minimize the chaos.

Here’s what we ask:

Kids 4 and under go in the childcare room with Brandi. In order to make sure she’s not caring for 10 infants at once, we’re going to ask that you all reserve a spot for your kid for the class you plan to attend. Go to the schedule tab on our site, find the green “Childcare” listing for the class you plan to attend, and sign your child up there. There are 4 child spots open under each of these slots, which we think is probably the ideal number of little’s to stay in the room with Brandi at once.

If kids over 4 are coming to the gym, we ask for your help in keeping them in the couch area of the lobby. The locker/water fountain room has been the hangout spot in the past. Unfortunately, little voices seem to radiate from that room, making it hard for adults to hear the instructors. Also, there’s a lot of equipment in that room and opportunities to get hurt/create huge messes, so it will be easier on us if the older kids stay in the lobby together. If possible, bring a game or a book for the kids to read, so they can stay entertained and have fun at the gym too.

Let me know if you have any questions. We are always open to suggestions. We want Moontown to be a place where we AND our kids feel like part of our growing community!

Saturday, March 28



Setup and Practice Movements

Partner WOD

Teams of 2 will work through the following stations accumulating as many reps/yards as possible:
Yoke Carry, 285/195lbs
PC w/Fat Bar, 125/85lbs
Sled Push, 335/225
Back Squat, 135/95lbs
Sprinting (50, 100 or 200m increments)

*Partners will have 5 minutes at each station to accumulate as many points as possible. There will be 1 minute rest between stations. Each rep is worth one point and 10 yards is worth one point. Only one partner may work at a time.

*CFMT Open Team Update – Week 4*

Another great Friday night under the gym lights for 15.4! Friends and family competed and watched as competitors worked through a difficult, high-skill workout. It was another reminder of how challenging the Open is becoming for everyone and how several athletes have greatly improved their strength and endurance.

Quick Recap:  In Week 1, Team-D won by 7 points (162 to 155) combined on Workouts 15.1 and 15.1a. Then The A-Team won consecutive weeks by a total of 8 points (83 to 77 on Workout 15.2 and 71 to 69 on Workout 15.3).

This Week’s Results: The A-Team needed one more win to claim the trophy and after a hard fought weekend on 15.4….Team-D came out on top. There were a few athletes from both teams missing in action (not to mention The A-Team lost one of its athletes in a tragic running accident). Regardless, Team-D had a strong showing this week and won by 4 points (73 to 69).

Quick Breakdown: The A-Team had 5 top place finishers, while Team-D had 7 top finishers this week. Kevin Overton of The A-Team took first place in the men’s scaled division, while Amy Hester of Team-D and Chelsey Stewart of The A-Team tied for first place in the women’s scaled division. The A-Team’s Jeff Stanfield took first in the men’s Rx’d division and Erin Steinfath of Team-D took first in the women’s Rx’d division. The Spirit Award this week went to Team-D for the ladies who went head-to-head, Erin Steinfath and Rachel Sandmeier.

Quick Preview: We couldn’t have planned our first Open Team Competition any better. The last workout of the 2015 Open will be announced tonight at 7pm. It’s a workout that could very well have 2 of everyone’s favorite movements (thrusters and burpees) but it definitely will be the workout that determines which team wins the 2015 CFMT Open Team Competition. See you guys tomorrow night!