Warrior School Classes Coming Soon!


1509151_1377681905849894_4131969165204559545_nRecently, we offered the Warrior School Basic Handgun Course at CFMT. Eight of us took the course (some beginners, some with experience) and we had a GREAT time. Michael Kase is a fantastic instructor, he gave us all the gun safety skills we needed and the real life shooting practice necessary to feel comfortable shooting and carrying a weapon. I can’t recommend taking this course enough, its well worth the money (plus its a fun way to spend a Sunday).

He is offering the Basic Handgun course on 16 October, and the Intermediate Handgun Course on 30 October. All the details are in the flyer here. If you want to sign up, use the PayPal buttons below!

Basic Pistol Pay here:

Intermediate Pistol Pay here:

Thursday, September 29


E3MOM for 12 minutes:
Back Squat 3-3-3-3+ @ 75-80-85-90% (add 5-10lbs to each set from first cycle)
Bent over Barbell Row 4×5 (pick a weight that is moderate-to-heavy)

*During each 3 minute round, complete 3 Back Squats (increasing weight according to the percentages) and 5 Barbell Row (same weight for each set).

Monday, September 26


E2MOM for 10 minutes:
2 Power Clean
1 Push Jerk

*Increase weight each set and find a heavy set of 3 reps


“Grace Under Pressure”
Minute 1 – 12 Power Clean & Jerk, 135/95lbs
Min 2 – 12 PC&J
Min 3 – 10 PC&J
Min 4 – 10 PC&J
Min 5 – 8 PC&J
Min 6 – 8 PC&J
Min 7 – 6 PC&J
Min 8 – 6 PC&J