Saturday, 19 April


Farmer’s Carry Relay


Partner “Batman and Robin” – 26 min AMRAP of: 400m Run and Hang Power Clean & Jerk @ 135/95lbs, 400m Run and Back Squat (from the floor) @ 135/95lbds, 400m Run and Double Unders, 400m Run and Burpees *Each partner will switch at each station accumulating as many reps as possible. If both partners complete the work at all 4 stations before the time cap, then start again at Run/HPC&J. Each rep is worth one point, except DU’s where 5 DU’s=1 point.

Strength Class – Update

Great news! We are taking away the registration requirement for the strength class. Now, like all other Moontown classes, you are free to show up whenever it works for your schedule. You do not need to worry about logging into your account on our schedule page and selecting or registering for any of the strength classes. All you have to do now is just show up!

Now, let’s see your happy face…